Chefs catering for holiday cottages and house parties in Scotland

Would you like a holiday from cooking? - employ a chef in Scotland
Cindy Webster Cooks

Cindy Webster has a huge amount of experience in matching top quality cooks to discerning clients. Self employed cooks and chefs, based in Scotland could prepare meals and cook food to suit you and your budget: -

Formal Dinner Party meals
Relaxed supper party meals
BBQ food and picnic foods
Children's' meals
Teatime treats

Why not order meals to be prepared in advance and delivered to your holiday home ready to heat up or serve. Cater for one day or the whole week with 'ready to eat food' and food for the freezer to heat up later on in the week. Alternatively, ask a chef / cook to come to your holiday house and cook the meal for you and tidy away afterwards - your own Scottish restaurant.

Delicious Scottish ingredients are sourced locally, including organic produceare often on the menu - be specific!
Make it a real holiday - employ a cook!

Cooks for Holiday houses and lodges