Comprehensive holiday cancellation and travel insurance.

Holiday cancellation insurance policy for travel in Scotland UK

Travel insurance policies can cover many things, giving you protection and peace of mind - firstly you must read each policy and make sure that you are covered to travel in Scotland (UK) while on holiday. There are lots of different types of insurance, read the cancellation policy carefully, so that you know the extent of your cover.

Compare travel insurance policies

Compare travel insurance policies online and make a check list of the things that you want cover for, some examples follow:

If you are thinking of participating in any extreme sporting activities whilst in Scotland - such as sailing, riding, rock climbing, skiing and other winter and outdoor sports - check specifically with your insurance provider that you are covered while doing these sports. Many travel insurance policies are very comprehensive, but it is very important to read the policy full so that you understand the exclusions - if there are any.

Trip Protection gives you peace of mind from the moment the policy is taken out. You can compare quotes from different insurance companies online - discounts might apply if you purchase your travel insurance online. Alternatively, you can find an insurance broker in the telephone directory, the back of a travel magazine or through a Travel agent. Banks and credit card companies often advertise comprehensive travel insurance policies.