Shooting Holidays in Scotland.

Shooting in Scotland

It is said that the trend was set by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert when they bought Balmoral Castle and discovered shooting. Many others followed suit and bought country houses and estates in Scotland so that they could enjoy the season too! Many of these shooting lodges are now rented out as self-catering or catered accommodation where you can stay for a shooting holiday and enjoy this great sport in Scotland. Hunting (as Europeans) call it is very popular with foreign visitors and hunters look for top quality accommodation to stay in when on a hunting holiday in Scotland, whether for grouse, pheasant or partridge shooting.

Grouse shooting

Grouse shooting is considered to be the best in the season and it starts on 12th August each year - known as the glorious 12th. The grouse are driven off the hill/moor towards a line of butts (small, normally stone built, cover/house) where the gun and his loader wait. The birds normally arrive in packs and fly very fast following the curve of the moor and the heather. It is very challenging and exciting shooting!

Another very traditional way to shoot grouse is to walk up over the moors, surrounded by breathtaking scenery with pointer dogs. When the dogs stop and point they are indicating there are birds and they flush them out.

Pheasant and partridge shooting

Alternatively there is pheasant and partridge shooting available in Scotland. The season normally starts in late October and continues until early February. The size of the days vary from estate to estate but once again it allows you to enjoy the wonderful landscape of Scotland. There will be a team of beaters, who walk the area to push the birds over the guns creating some exciting shooting.

Rough shooting

Rough shooting is also popular as it is a bit more relaxed and less expensive, with a mixture of walked up, some driven birds and sometimes a bit of duck flighting at the end of the day.

Stalking deer either red or roe

If you are travelling to Scotland for a stalking holiday you may have arranged a day's stalking and require accommodation close by.

It is worth checking out availability before booking accommodation to ensure that your sporting activity is available - many of the best shooting estates rent out houses or cottages with the shooting, and many others on the site will happily arrange shooting for you if you let them know in advance what your requirements are for your shooting holiday.