Adding your cottage to part of the Which Cottage Group

Add your quality Scottish cottage to this site for a one off annual fee - and increase your bookings and revenue. Just read the testimonials further down this page to get a feel of how happy the current advertisers are with their enquiries and bookings from us.

Which Cottage advertises quality self catering holiday properties

We take no commission.
Specialist web site only for Scottish properties.
You control your own bookings and receive enquiries direct.

Advertise with us and increase the occupancy of your Scottish holiday cottage, whether or not you already have your own website. will greatly increase your web exposure - it is a specialist Scottish holiday cottage site, viewed by people searching for quality holiday accommodation specifically in Scotland, from all over the world every day.

Our annual fee - compared to a one-off print advertisement - or agency fees - is fantastic value! The price varies according to size and area which we think is fair to the smaller and cheaper properties.

What you get:
We will build a page about your holiday cottage from information that you supply on a form we email you. We will include up to ten photographs of your property, supplied by you. We make no additional charges for this.
Your holiday cottage will be viewed 365 days a year on
Potential visitors will contact you directly via our email form. There is no commission for you to pay and no third party involved - reservations are made directly with you. There are of course no restrictions on where else you can advertise.
You will know that the enquiry has come from your advertisement on as it will appear on our customised enquiry form to your email address and can also be viewed online via your login, which in addition keeps track of the number of enquiries sent to you, so you can easily monitor our performance.
You are in control of an editable price section of the website - so you can keep your prices up to date and add 'special offers' and testimonials in this area for clients to see.
We give you an availability calendar to keep up to date - this ensures your conversion of enquiries to bookings can be accurately assessed and you only get enquiries for the dates that you have availability. these are iCal compatible with multi channels to synchronise with your own website, Anytime Booking, Bookalet, Freetobook, Google calendars, Home and Away, Airbnb, Owners Direct, Super Control,, Trip Advisor and many other third party accommodation booking sources so that you are always up-to-date, in control and can avoid double bookings

If you have your own website we can give you a simple piece of unique code so that your availability calendar will appear on your own website too - this may save time as you only have to update one calendar!

We know that we will provide you with a cost effective and easy way to increase your holiday cottage revenue.

Please view our Terms and Conditions.

Why us?
We have a proven, highly successful, formula of advertising holiday cottages on the internet since 1999. We have Scottish holiday cottages ourselves which are booked and rebooked on the internet, achieving very high occupancy rates over the year. We have come together to make a site that will offer all quality holiday cottage owners an opportunity to greatly increase rental.

What makes us different?
We understand the industry of cottage rentals and also of internet marketing. We have been there ourselves with hundreds of sites asking us to advertise with them .... we have learnt at our own expense what works and what doesn't. is a quick to load, easy to navigate site, that will put your cottage among other quality cottages for rent in Scotland. Our experience shows that people are much more likely to book from a quality collection than from an isolated site, as they can view several properties under the one umbrella and be confident that they 'have shopped amongst the best'.

We are happy to offer a 'no quibble' money-back guarantee if you do not receive any enquiries from during the year your advertisement is on the site.

If you are interested in advertising a property with us then please email us telling us where we can view your website or details about your cottage and we will then be able to give you a price. Once your entry has been written up it is sent to you to approve - after it is approved we will invoice you, and your cottage details will be added to the site - enquiries start to arrive!

If you are a new owner and are seeking advice on setting up a self-catering holiday business read our free guide for owners >> .

If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us.

You'll get a rapid response and a very personal service from one of our dedicated team.

Testimonials from current holiday property owners:

When we read these ourselves we think they sound fictitious but they are all true and unsolicited!

property owner Thanks for this info - you have been lovely to deal with already, this is fine so please go ahead and build the pages for both properties.

property owner  A very good friend has recommended you to us, you were highly recommended and we are excitied to be listed on Which Cottage.

property owner Many thanks for your assistance to date we have been REALLY pleased with the take up of our holiday lets.
Thank you

property owner  I am no longer doing holiday lets, and have just put the cottages on the market. It is going to be a gut wrench to see them go, but I just need to get on with it. Please will you take the listings down for both cottages please.
Thank you for all your help and advice over the years. I appreciate it greatly!!!

property owner  I am considering pods or similar on another part of the estate so will be in touch if/when we start again.
Thank you for a wonderful service. I have recommended you to a friend who had 3 holiday homes.

property owner I am writing to inform you that we wish to close our account as the business never really recovered following the 18 month lockdown and we did not receive any compensation whatsoever. With the recent utility bill increases and forthcoming self-catering legislation as well as the fact that we have had no staff since the lockdown, we simply cannot proceed.
Thank you very much for an excellent service over the years and if we ever have another holiday business we will be in touch.

property owner  Have to say we have had a fantastic 2021 and 2022 is looking just as good! - thanks to you!

property owner  Please remove the Wee garden flat from your website, we have decided to sell the flat. We are looking for another property and hope to be back in touch to advertise it with you soon.

property owner  We prefer your enquiry platform to the direct booking sites such as Airbnb, the personal service suits us perfectly. We are pleased to be listing a second property, and appreciate the discount for having them both with Which Cottage.

property owner Loving the new updates- thank you.
Thank you for following up - yes the Special Offer worked and both weeks are now re-booked - very happy.
Your advice has saved me years of mistakes and learning, I only wish I had listened and made it possible to take pets earlier, what a difference!
Happy 2022 to the which cottage team. (09/01/2022)

property owner We have decided to stop letting from October and are moving into the house permanently so won't be needing the listing on your site anymore.
Please could you remove the listing for Ben Bhuidhe House in Calgary, Mull?
Thank you for making it possible to let you house successfully for 11 years. We have not used any other site and have always had pretty much full occupancy. Please feel free to use this as a quote on any marketing etc if you wish to.

property owner  We will be closing the business permanently with effect from March 31 2021.
Will certainly let you know if we can secure a (smaller!) replacement property and are able to start back up again. Meanwhile a personal huge thanks to you for all your excellent help and support over the years.
I do hope this summer will be a good one for you!

property owner  With great sadness, we are closing our doors at Glencorse after some 12 years of holiday letting.
We have secured a sale of the property but the new owners do not wish to let.
Many thanks indeed for all your excellent help and support over the past decade as your client.

property owner  Advertising with you has been fruitful so thank you very much for all your effort.

property owner Thank you for your helpful comments - our entry looks very appealing and you guided us with terribly useful advice. It was painless to list.

property owner We LOVE 'whichcottage' its so flexible - no commission and no double booking fees and a very helpful real person to do updates. Our annual fee pays for itself in 2 bookings a year, and the conversion from enquiries is very high. Please renew our listing, very happy that you have not put the price up. Thank you.

property owner Thanks we have now let that cancelled week and have had to turn away two more enquirers - you are brilliant, and your help is much appreciated!

property owner Just to let you know that I'm currently not planning to rent my house out next year, so please would you cancel the attached invoice.
If my plans change, then I will obviously be back in touch with you. Thank you so much for your support over the last ten years! I have had many quality leads from you (all excellent actually!), a lot of whom have turned into repeat guests.

property owner Many thanks and your website is amazing - we’ve had loads of bookings so thank you so much :-)
I've been telling everyone about Which Cottage!!

property owner  Thanks for your support ladies, we are getting some cracking enquiries from your site - and they are always really nice people.

property owner  Our holiday cottage has been with whichcottage for over a decade, and we won't stop now, you offer a super helpful service and send us lovely guests. Many Of our longer one or two week bookings come from you, we even had a six week one last year - terribly happy.

property owner  Yes of course I want to renew, we would be lost without your bookings. We have so many returning guests too, we are delighted.

property owner  Thank you, happy to renew, we get the majority of our bookings through you. The calendars and owners section is great, and syncing with others is so easy and helpful - I just wish the others were as easy. Thank you for your help in setting it all up, you responded within an hour, and I am yet to get a human response from the others. Now that's what I call service. Will certainly recommend you.

property owner  Yes I did get the booking - thanks for following it up. It was very a very last minute cancellation and I am delighted to be rebooked so quickly - more than happy :-)

property owner  ......Which Cottage is the best operation in the industry !!

property owner  Yes please can we advertise both properties together and separately as they can form one large unit which is great for big group bookings. Your annual fee is less than we charge for one weeks rental - it is wonderful that you do not charge commission, others seem to take it from the owner and the traveller! The syncing of the availability calendar works perfectly, your instructions were very easy.

property owner  I did not expect such a prompt response, thank you, what a service.

property owner  One booking from you more then covers your cost - in fact it covers it three times over so we won't be going back to companies charging commission unless you stop sending us so many lovely guests!

property owner  Wow - 48 hours on your site and 3 enquiries and 2 bookings - amazing!!!!!

property owner It is so lovely to get a reply to an email at the weekend - thank you!

property owner  Many thanks over the years for your patience in lots of issues.
We are officially no longer renting so please remove Golf Cottage from your website.

property owner  We have had a few enquiries for since it has gone live last week which is great - and a confirmed 3 week booking today - I am very happy 'NO'pressure to keep up the good work :-)
I sorted the problem out with the iCal, it was my own confusion, and I totally understand your position, delighted that Tripadvisor can pull in my WhichCottage availability - that is super. (11/03/2017)

property owner  Thank you for holding my hand - it has been wonderful to get a response from a human! Two enquiries that resulted in bookings in under a week, so I am happy. I loved the facebook advert you did, and was amazed to see so many wonderful comments, I feel very encouraged.

property owner  All good - what's not to love - three bookings and my annual fee is paid, I hope you can keep this up, it beats paying a percentage every time!

property owner  Thank you for the front page feature - it seemed to work as I am now re-booked for Christmas and New Year - worry over. Thank you.

property owner  I have advertised with you for over a decade (!) - the same two people answer questions and appear available almost 247! Thank you ladies for running such a personal and successful service. My holiday properties have built up a successful following over the years and you continue to send wonderful guests. I have recommended you to many and will continue to do so. You know your market place, your know your clients and you know your business - dynamite! Thank you.

property owner  Anyway, the upshot is that I was successful in my job interview and for a variety of personal reasons my family and I have very reluctantly decided to leave this wonderful island. I would therefore ask you to remove our ad from your website with immediate effect. I would certainly recommend your website and the excellent service you have given me. (Is there some way for you to save our ad details so that any new owner could get up and running as soon as possible?)
Thank you again for all your help in securing a steady stream of bookings for both Kiln Barn and our previous property, Glencorse (Drumbeg).

property owner  Thank you for wonderful clients, we have met people from all over the World that you have sent to our cottage.
My in-laws are now moving in as the property lends itself to their situation, all being on one floor etc.. so with reluctance I need to withdraw from your portfolio. I am however on the look out for another rental property, and I will be in touch as soon as I have found one. You have held my hand through the whole process and and given me 100% of my business.
Truely excellent, thank you

property owner  The invoice below will be paid tomorrow. Thank you for our best year yet - 2013 to 2014.
Can I please request a couple of changes to our details ?
Can you please add in WiFi again - it would appear that this does make a difference.

property owner  Which Cottage has consistently sent me extremely nice guests from all over the world, many who have returned for several years in a row. I am delighted to renew my subscription, thank you.

property owner  The service you provide is top quality, you led me through the process of advertising my holiday cottage by holding my hand, and the results have been fantastic. When I have sent praise before I have been told that it is because my property is nice and my pictures are excellent, but you need to accept the compliment back as I have advertised elsewhere without such good results.

property owner  The renewal seems to have come around quickly! I have had much better out of season bookings this year, so thanks for your advice about pets, it worked. Pleased to continue to showcase my house with you.

property owner  Happy to subscribe for another year, and yes I will refresh my entry and prices for next year, what sound and sensible advice you give. Your personal approach is very reassuring.

property owner  I just though that I would let you know that I have had extremely positive feedback to my advert already. Most pleasing :)

property owner  Thanks to the team at Which Cottage for all they have done for us out here on the Island, regrettably we are going to sell our property so must leave you now but would not hesitate to recommend your surperb service.

property owner  It has been terrific to work with an organisation that helps the un-savvy internet user. Most grateful for your help which appears to be 24/7.

property owner  Please can you cancel our subscription as we have sold the business and therefore do not require your services. Many thanks for all your help over the years.

property owner  The subscription has paid for itself already I am delighted.

property owner  Your service for the last 2 years has been exemplary, I can't fault your operations.

property owner  We are really pleased with all the bookings we have received through 'Which Cottage' - thank you so much!
We have recently had some 'photos taken and I would very much like to refresh our entry using our new 'photos.

property owner  Apologies for just getting back to you ... This invoice will be paid tomorrow, please do not remove our entry in the meantime - we love Which Cottage!
We get 99% of all our bookings through Which Cottage!
I am extremely pleased with the service - thank you.

property owner  Many of my repeat bookers originate from Whichcottage - you do seem to attract wonderful guests. I would like to see a map of all the cottages and was pleased to read that it is on the agenda for 2013.

property owner  Your site works extremely well for me, I am delighted with the bookings that I get. Keep up the good work, it is difficult times for everyone involved in tourism in Scotland

property owner  It is extremely rare for me to proof-read anything and not find a single error: well done!
I have entered my prices and updated the availability chart.
The entry looks great and I hereby approve it. Please invoice me.

property owner  I had a cancellation for Christmas and recieved more enquiries within a day :-) I will use the late availability section more in the future.

property owner  I have found that disounts are popular - thank you for contacting me about that.

property owner  Good forward booking for 2013 but the winter is slow - thanks for your advice about my entry your simple suggestion looks much more appealing.

property owner  I have advertised with you for over five years and have no reason to complain at all. All advice greatfully recieved, I was sceptical about the addition of your last minute section as I thought it would take people away - but Late availability works really well, I have recieved last minute bookings which I may not have otherwise had - feedback from my clients is that they have found what they want very quickly and are very pleased with the discount. Thank you.

property owner  We have had many more enquiries, since we have had better photographs - at your suggestion, keep up the good work.

property owner  Delighted to have recieved so many enquiries so quickly, and they have all but one confirmed their reservations. SO PLEASED.

property owner Having been fairly booked for years I came to you for out of season bookings, so far the investment has been very good.

property owner  I should like to have my holiday let removed from your web site not because we have not been pleased with it quite the contrary we have been delighted with the response. We have just sold the house to some local people. We still have not sold our own property but as soon as we do we plan to move back South nearer our family.

When we get settled again we plan to have a holiday let again - very useful income and shall definitely go with Which Cottage again. Thank you for all your help.

property owner  My wife & I have decided to market "Elibank" for Sale which means we will not be holiday letting the property this year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the enquiries we have received over the past 2 seasons. If we are unable to sell the house , then we will have no hesitation to advertise with yourselves again. Once again , Many Thanks for all your help

property owner  Please could you remove our house from the Which Cottage web site as we have decided to retire and move into the property in the Black Isle ourselves. The current guests will leave the house on Sept 3 so removal from the site any time from that date would be convenient for us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the efficient and professional service you have provided with which we have been very pleased.

property owner  42 weeks booked in the last twelve months - we will definatly renew, we are delighted. Thank you.

property owner  As an aside, I wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with my Which Cottage advert for my Church Conversion. While I haven't been innudated with enquiries (which is to be expected given I had a good few bookings already and limited availability), every single enquiry to date from Which Cottage (except one) has converted to a booking! I am delighted with that. I think my cottage will do even better, as it is a lot cheaper(!) and more of a traditional highland cottage (although still with good standards). Thanks again for all your support. I really am so pleased to have returned.

property owner  I can't believe it I only approved my entry thismorning and I have had one booking already - but I suppose that you know that!

property owner  I emailed you with a concern about an issue with my login at 8.20am - and within 20 minutes you had reacted and provided a speedy resolution - customer service is second to none. Normally what are the chances of getting any response let alone repair done on a Sunday! - If only you would run our work website too!
Enquiries are looking great for this year again - recent out of season bookings thus far have been quite lastminute - as predicted in your newsletter, but we have been delighted to have them during these winter months. thank you.

property owner  Could you take the Tralee listing down please, I am getting 3 enquiries a day! it is making me think I should not have sold!!

property owner  Excellent newsletter - thank you. I am anxious that you have not billed me though - I would hate to loose my page with you - you give me all my clients year-round! (07/01/2010)

property owner  Rushyglen has been very pleased with Torr an Daimh's listing on Whichcottage over the past two years. We've tried other directories, including the official one, but Whichcottage brought in more enquiries and bookings by miles. (10/12/2010)

property owner  The site has been a life saver and I congratulate you on a concept that obviously works really well.

property owner  Could you please remove our listings from the website the reason for this is that the business is up for sale and we are currently no longer trading.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the service you have provided over the last three years. We have been more than pleased with the bookings generated by our listing on your site. If the new owner plans to run a similar business I shall of course pass on your details to them. (05/10/2010)

property owner  Thank you Ladies - you have given me an unbelieveable service, without which my business would not have survived - I am most grateful for the help and advice - and of course the bookings, and wonderful people that you have introduced to me. (29/09/2010)

property owner  I have a long term let at 25 Church Street, Portknockie from September so would like you withdraw the house from your website.

The holiday lets were a great success and I hope to return to the market next year. All my enquiries and subsequent bookings were from Which Cottage and I will definitely come back to you when I return to holiday letting. (11/07/2010)

property owner  I felt it necessary to send you some feedback on the wonderful response we have had from your site. We have been live on the site for just two weeks and as yet only have external photos posted on the site. Already we have had 13 enquiries resulting in 3 bookings one of which is for a fortnight.

The response has been far greater than we could have hoped for. The counter to see how many viewings our availability calendar has had is fantastic and having the calendar also on our own website is invaluable. (02/06/2010)

property owner  Many thanks, and may I just take this opportunity to congratulate you on a fabulous site and a wonderful service. My bookings have quadrupled since starting off with you guys at the beginning of last year! Way to go! (14/05/2010)

property owner  I am delighted with the response that the property has received via your web site. All my bookings except one weekend booking (from Visit Scotland) have been through you. (03/05/2010)

property owner  Being almost fully booked this year means the enquiries are fewer - but I am delighted to be in this position, and my clients have been extremely nice - many thanks for your help. (18/04/2010)

property owner  We have decided to stop doing holiday lets on the farmhouse - it's time to take it back.
It has been a pleasure to deal with you - you have a great site and are always ready to help - many thanks. (17/02/2010)

property owner  We have had a good response from advertising on Which Cottage so we are very pleased indeed with the service. (08/02/2010)

property owner Thank you very much for all the help I received last year, we were very pleased with the results for our first year and are hoping to build on that this year. (03/02/2010)

property owner  I am very impressed by the immediate response, diagnosis and accurate help that you gave regarding my email problems - completely outwith the service that you offer, but extremely helpful, thank you. It is no wonder that you achieve such good results. (09/01/2010)

property owner  Hope you are both well and as usual thanks for all the great work your team do and all the fantastic bookings I have had this year. (15/12/2009)

property owner  We have had very good bookings for this year so I am very pleased to continue with Which Cottage in 2010. (15/12/2009)

property owner  May I just say that the nicest thing about Which Cottage is the personal touch I have always had with you all. That is so important (11/11/2009)

property owner  Do you know - within FIVE days of logging on to, we had 3 bookings! In fact one party enquired and booked on Tuesday for Wednesday and are in the cottage NOW - our first visitors! (29/10/2009)

property owner You should have received payment which I made earlier today. This is the opportune moment to thank you for another year's excellent service. You have responded to any problems I've had or changes I've needed to my listing promptly and efficiently. The business I've had from the site has exceeded my expectations and, although not every enquiry I've had has turned into a booking the volume this last year has been unprecedented - which shows that the traffic on the site is steady and bountiful.

Once again thank you and I look forward to our continued working relationship. (01/10/2009)

property owner  Thanks very much, your website has been totally worth the money as we have received all but 2 of our bookings through yourselves and have been booked for all of the summer and have bookings into the winter and next year already. (03/09/2009)

property owner  The site proved very successful, it has produced approx 5 times the number of enquiries than any other site we are on, we would have been very quiet this year had it not been for Which Cottage. (01/06/2009)

property owner  Just to let you know that in the 5 days my cottage has been advertised with you I've had 4 enquiries and 3 bookings. I'm delighted with such a good response in such a short space of time and just want to thank you for living up to your promise. (13/05/2009)

property owner We are now receiving quite a lot of repeat business going into our third season. The cost of your advert is quite substantial against our other sites, but still gives the best response, so I would be delighted to continue with you for the next 12 months thanks. (07/05/2009)

property owner  I had the Visit Scotland grading lady here yesterday and she was saying that quite a lot of people were down on bookings this year but happily mine are the opposite - I advertise on a wonderful website....! thank you (16/04/2009)

property owner  I thank you for the custom that we have been having from Which Cottage Group. It is by far the most easily traced and successful of the sites that we use. Better by far than Visit Scotland! (15/02/2009)

property owner  Ladies
My cousin Fiona is just delighted with the bookings that are coming in from your site ... it's really FAB - she didn't believe me, but now does! She's had 4 bookings since last Friday ... !!!
Just wanted to thank you. (06/02/2009)

property owner  Yes, please, send an invoice. We consider it money well spent! Thanks. (22/01/2009)

property owner  Delighted with the service that you have provided us with - very much a people to people business and unbelieveable that you can sort out my problems late at night! I feel like my business matters to you - well I hope it does - as yours does to me, without you I would have no business. I commend your attitude of I promise you nothing - when I joined and asked the expectation you simply asked me to email one of the other owners so that you did not give a bias report - and to read the testermonials - so please do publish this as one. Many, many thanks - and I wish you would set up a business of plumbers, and builders! (20/01/2009)

property owner  Yes, please can we renew! We have been more than happy with the bookings from 'Which Cottage' .... (19/01/2009)

property owner  Many thanks - and we've been very lucky with our bookings for 2009 so far - I've only got 2 weeks left between Mar and the end of Aug! Thanks very much for all your help in all this! me. (12/01/2009)

property owner  We currently have our holiday cottage on 'Which Cottage' and have found it to be the most successful advertising as we gain around 50% of our bookings through yourselves... We now have another property, this time in Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire. It is a one-bedroomed apartment within the old converted St Benedict's Abbey. We would be interested in advertising it on Which Cottage and wonder if there would be a discount for listing two properties? (05/01/2009)

property owner  If I may just thank you again for all the great bookings I am still receiving - every year gets better. You are doing a fantastic job for me. (25/11/2008)

property owner  Many thanks for your very prompt reply and action to rectify our website. I have received both the last two enquiries, and both have booked!

Let us hope that 2009 is as successful as 2008. We have been very pleased with the results through you, and the cottage was booked continually from early July until late October. (14/11/2008)

property owner  We have been delighted with the service we have received from you, which has resulted in a large number of bookings. Please go ahead and renew our advert. (09/11/2008)

property owner  We already have bookings for x-mas and new year, so don't need to be added to your christmas / new year availability page. Great idea tho :) We are still getting lots of good enquiries through your site for this year and next. It's great. Your site has been a life saver for us this year. (08/11/2008)

property owner  I am truly amazed at the volume of cottage bookings you have sent me - and the high rate of conversion - people seem to book almost by return, I have never experienced this before. I feel foolish and ashamed at having wasted your time and given you a hard time over the subscription fee - it is worth every penny. Huge thanks you offer a very personal service and I am sure that is what makes the difference. (09/11/2008)

property owner  May I take this opportunity to thank you for the guests we have had. We only let the cottage through you and it has been fairly consistently occupied and we have had many compliments. (13/10/2008)

property owner  Just to let you know that we are having a lot of enquiries and bookings, as far forward as 2010, we have had more interest from your site in 2 months than we had all last year from the other. Very pleased, thanks (10/10/2008)

property owner  We are so happy with the level of business that we are getting from Which Cottage that we would like to put one of our smaller properties on your site. It is in Aviemore again and although it still sleeps 8 people comfortably, it is a smaller house that the other two, and has a slightly cheaper tariff. Would you be able to send me the necessary paperwork so that I can start filling in the details please. (28/08/2008)

property owner  I thought it must be that time again. Yes I certainly want to continue with you. My bookings have been great since I joined you. (24/07/2008)

property owner  We are very pleased with the bookings we are getting from your site and look forward to continuing with you. (23/07/2008)

property owner  Yes we would very much like to continue with our advert, obviously given the relatively high price we look carefully at the amount of traffic we get but it has certainly been worth it again this last year. We may even have another property for you later in the year. (21/07/2008)

property owner  I wish you continued success with your business and which cottage which I am sure will be no problem with dedicated professionals who see customer care as an attitiude and not like some, a department. (20/07/2008)

property owner  We have been delighted with the interest generated through WhichCottage and would be happy to continue with you. (26/06/2008)

property owner  Thanks to you guys, I am fully booked all summer up until September!! Hopefully get some good reviews that I can post on the site. Whichcottage is by far the most successful re enquiries and bookings by miles!

I know it's a tough time for folks (with cost of living; fuel, etc on people's minds) so all the more impressed with whichcottage. Thank you! (24/06/2008)

property owner  I am afraid that I am selling the cottage at the end of this year, so will not need any more enquiries - I shall miss them hugely, this will sound sad but I loved checking my emails as most days you sent me at least one enquiry - which is something I had only dreamed of happening. You have deliverd a top quality service to me, and I have met some wondeful people and as well as having enhanced by investment. I am looking to purchase a property for letting in Edinburgh, so I shall be in touch when I have it. Very many thanks.... (22/06/2008)

property owner  The site has proved very profitable and very reliable. I commend you for the service you provide.(19/06/2008)

property owner  Please send your invoice - Many thanks: your site seems rather good!(18/06/2008)

property owner  I am particularly impressed with the German and Spanish enquiries and we have 2 bookings from Germany for August. (15/06/2008)

property owner  HI, thanks for putting the site on earlier this week, so far 4 bookings in the first 3 days, more than the other site achieved in 3 months, one has even booked from the states. What a difference being on a decent site (14/06/2008)

property owner  Yes please send me an invoice, you generates all my bookings - having been with you for 3 years - the price hike has been alarming, however, when I do the maths, you still offer amazing value for money. I have a lot of repeat bookings for my cottage, these were all people introduced by you in the first palce and all new business comes from you too. You formed the foundation of my business and have enabled me to sustain a profitable business through the enquiries that you generate for me (this is despite everything I read about buy-to let) - please keep it up!

Your help and advice has been spot on too. I can't thank you enough. (17/05/2008)


property owner  It can't be a year already!! Please do send us an invoice - we have been very pleased with the friendly and efficient way you look after this website - and it is very good for generating enquiries. (27/04/2008)

property owner  Yes we would very much like to remain with you and would like an invoice for another year. By far most of our bookings come from "Whichcottage" so thank you very much for our first year in buisness, we think we have done well! (14/04/2008)

property owner  Let me thank you - we've now been with you for about three months and have had 10 bookings. We've only received 2 from other websites we're on. So we're very impressed and thank you so much for helping get our first year off to such a good start. (12/03/2008)

property owner  We have had 64 enquiries and have taken 16 bookings in the nine weeks we have been with you, averaging over £1000 per week, I have ammended the availability calender to keep it up to date. Our first guests stayed for a week in February, they were so delighted they have booked another week later in the year, thanks for putting together such a great site. (26/02/2008)

property owner  our cottage is booked full till 6th October...mainly thanks to which Cottage! (12/01/2008)

property owner  I have been advertising with you now for 31 days, your site has generated 23 enquiries and 8 bookings at an average £943 per week, I expect this to increase significantly as I let more of the premium weeks. (26/01/2008)

property owner  Once again folks thanks, my bookings are fantastic both cottages are nearly fully booked from March to Sept!! (22/01/2008)

property owner  At present we will not be renewing our advertising for our Cottage. The reason being we are considering putting it up for sale shortly. We have received many enquiries and bookings through Which Cottage, so thank you for the support you have given us over the past year. Should we decide not to sell the Cottage, we will definitely be in touch to renew our advertising. Thanks again. (08/01/2008)

property owner Thank you for the care you take of the site. My entry with you is so successful that I shall be cancelling my other accounts next year. (18/12/2007)

property owner  Indeed we would like to renew our subscription to Please invoice us at your earliest convenience......

I`m glad to say that we`ve never looked back since we first subscribed to Scotland Holiday, achieving 45 weeks let out of 52 on 2007 (10/12/2007)

property owner  Bookings have been going brilliantly - thanks to your wonderful site - Thank you!(16/11/2007)

property owner  We advertised our cottage with great success on your site until last Spring. As it was the first season for us we decided to try advertising on other sites. However it has become apparant to us that this is not working. Therefore, we should be obliged if you could give us a quote for advertising with you again.
We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. (13/11/2007)

property owner  Which Cottage is a very, very productive site for us, and whereas Cottage Guide was previously our best source of business, this rearely generates an enquiry now, far less a booking. As for the other, numerous sites on which we have a presence, they all are a complete waste of time and money. So, you appear to have created something very special in a very short space of time. Good luck and continued success........(07/11/2007)

property owner  Our site with you certainly is cost effective, so can you email an invoice please for next year (30/10/2007)

property owner  We have been advertising our self-catering property on since the Spring. This has been our first year doing something like this and we are astonished at how successful it has been. I reckon that 95% of our guests have come to us through I wanted to let you know how delighted we have been at the service you offer - whatever our subscription costs, it has been repaid many times over by the bookings we have had through Of course, we shall be happy to renew our subscription when the time comes.

Thanks - you have made an important contribution to our successful first year's business in self-catering.(18/10/2007)

property owner  We are delighted with how many enquiries come via you by the way, and with your prompt and friendly service! (07/10/2007)

property owner While I'm writing, I'd just like to say thanks for the great service we've had from you. Our Cottage has been busy ever since we listed with you and it looks like the winter will be as hectic as the summer. Many thanks for that! (01/10/2007)

property owner  Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how we were getting on since we started advertising with your site at the end of June.

We were fully booked for August with last minute bookings infact if we could have double and treble booked for August. Most of our guests came from Europe and the feedback from them was very promising.

We are even now taking enquires from as far away as Australia for next year.

So far we are very pleased with the site and are glad we chose you to advertise for us.

Thank you very much for all the help you gave us in the begining (14/09/2007)

property owner  Thank you for the continuing stream of enquiries which emanate from your site. Prior to joining your organisation, I was with two agencies who together, brought in half the bookings that you have. (11/07/2007)

property owner  Thank you for your email and yes I would like to continue my ad with Which Cottage. Apologies for the delay in responding and thank you for the large number of enquiries that have ensured our cottage is fully booked at most times (03/07/2007)

property owner  May I just add that your service has proved spectacularly successful in bringing me in bookings this year (my first with your service). Many thanks.

property owner  Incidentally, we are fully booked up to the first week in September (with the exception of 1 week in June), so the website has worked well - thank you! (19/05/2007 - from property owner that joined 15th April 2007)

property owner  We have been astonished by the number of enquiries we have received through Whichcottage and an encouraging number have turned into firm bookings. (18/05/2007)

> property owner  We have had an overwhelming amount of requests. Thank-you (14/05/2007 - owners have been on the site for 4 days!)

property owner  First booking through your site today. That took all of 3 days!!! My friend that recommended that I joined 'Which Cottage' will crow and say, 'I told you so!' (03/05/2007)

property owner You provide a top service, many thanks.(02/05/2007)

property owner  Thanks once again for all the hard work and thought which definitely makes 'Which Cottage' stand out from the rest!! (08/04/2007)

property owner  First, thank you for creating a wonderful channel to market. We are delighted with the number of enquiries received in our first year... (8/3/2007)

property owner May I say the interest from your site is simply staggering, I've been in tourism for 31 years and I have never experienced business being produced quite so rapidly ! (12/02/2007)

property owner I would say that 98% of our bookings here at the Dolls Houses on Killean Estate come in from this site so it is definitely proving to be successful for us.

property owner I really must say that your site is brilliant in the amount of enquiries it brings and I will continue to recommend it to all wherever I go (11/1/2007)

property owner  Happy New Year! A quick line to say that since signing up with you in late November your fee has been covered by bookings four times - now that's the sort of return I like! Many thanks indeed. (9/1/2007)

property owner Yes I would definately like to renew our subscription - you give us so many enquiries that we are thinking of building another cottage - the summer we knew we could always fill, but you seem to have fully booked us throughout the winter months (in a very short period of time) when we used always to struggle. Keep up the good work - I wish we had never advertised anywhere else, you are so good.

property owner We are buying another cottage in Freswick, near John O' Groats in February and would like to list it with you again. Most of our bookings have come through your website so far. We are really very pleased. Thank you very much.

property owner I meant to tell you that, of the 8 weeks booked over Christmas and New Year in our 4 holiday cottages, one is by recommendation, 2 are 'returns' and the other 5 have all come through Scotland-Holiday-Cottage. Thank you!

property owner We are THRILLED with the response we have had from your site with over 100 for the New Year so the tariff and availability should help reduce this just a little bit!! Having been in the industry (with a Restaurant with Rooms for 15 years) we know very many people in the industry and have recommended your site to many friends and associates. It really is the very best site to be on for self catering, without doubt.

property owner We have been overwhelmed by the amount of bookings that you have given us - we have cancelled all our other advertising for our cottages as within a short period of time you have demonstrated that you are giving me more bookings than all the others combined. I am only sorry that I tried to haggle the price with you - you are as you said worth every penny, I just wish I had been introduced to Whichcottage before. Many thanks

property owner  Just a quick note to say thank you for all your hard work, we really appreciate the number of enquiries we get from your site..definitely a good investment!!

property owner  Finally, I have to just tell you both. Do you remember that I had reservations about using your site for advertising due to the cost really? We'd paid out to be on so many, often with very little return, and had, had our fingers burnt just once too often. Well we're a few months down the line now and I have to say that we get more enquiries and thus bookings from you than anyone else, by far. You're obviously doing something right and we really appreciate it, thank you very much. Money well spent!

property owner  Since listing our wee cottage on your website, we have been almost inundated with enquiries! I am pleased to say that many enquiries have turned into full bookings, and our first year of holiday letting has consequently been a runaway success.

property owner  Just to let you know I now get 90% of my bookings - not enquiries but real bookings through

property owner  Yes I would like to renew ...... Your site has sent me many enquiries this last year and when I had availbility I had a 100% conversion rate from the enquiries.

property owner  I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your website. It has helped to generate a significant number of bookings with nice families.

property owner  ...Very glad to hear they booked - hope you think it was worth paying the extra to advertise with us!

'Are you kidding? Okay, so the price hike was massive, but 'Which' is a fabulous site, and you generate a massive percentage of our genuine enquiries. We've never spent a better marketing pound. you can quote me everywhere.'

property owner  Thanks for such a prompt response... no wonder you do so well! We have had 20 out of first 26 weeks booked from lst July to end December 05, about 80% of which come from you. Now have 12 weeks booked for next year... and although I know that high standards seem to pay huge dividends, seems to be that prompt responses are essential...

property owner  This is 'The place to advertise holiday cottages in Scotland' I have wasted so much money advertising on sites that have given me no bookings - I have had a huge amount of enquiries and all the people that have stayed in our cottage have been wonderful, I am hopeful that several will repeat book next year. I only wish I had advertised my cottage with you two years ago!

Please don't hesitate to offer me as a referee - I would recommend that all Scottish self-caterers advertise their holiday property with you - and may I add that it is terrific to see a dedicated site for Scotland.

property owner  Your 'Which Cottage' has worked so fantastically well for me that I do not have a space until mid September...

property owner  Happy New Year and a very well done to you both I think it is a fantastic web site and you generate me loads of bookings so a very big thankyou

property owner  May I just say how fantastic a response I have had from your site. I must have had about 250 enquiries for Christmas/New year this year!!! Thank you. All the best to you all for 2006

property owner Thanks also for the very many enquiries and bookings your site has generated in 2005. We are very satisfied with the performance.

property owner  Your website is producing lots of queries ... it's FAB!

property owner  'Great response I am delighted. I am getting on average 3 enquiries per day. Had about 5 confirmed bookings.' (from a highlands cottage owner after 6 weeks on the site.)

property owner  I have contacted you before to say how happy I was with the number of referrals that '' achieves for me - more than the other 6 companies that I have registered with. One noticable feature is the number of overseas enquiries and bookings that I get especially from AUSTRALIA.

property owner  I am writing to express how pleased I am with your site. I have had many enquiries in the short time I have advertised with you, some of which have resulted in bookings already - thank you.

property owner   'I am receiving on average an enquiry a day from '' - which is really good I am very pleased with this level of response. I am registered with various other companies like yourselves and receive far less queries.'

property owner  Have just sent off the cheque for our entry, and we are so pleased with the response through your website, far and away the most! Now 11 weeks booked.

property owner  We wondered if you would mind taking us out of the Larger Properties advert. We seem to be getting a lot of enquiries for large parties and whilst we don't mind accommodating them once in a while we don't really want to do this on a weekly basis! We are very impressed at the number of enquiries we have received from your website to date and look forward to a busy summer. (East Lothian cottage owner after 3 weeks on the site)

property owner  I get almost 90 percent of my bookings from your site !!

To be fair we feel we should also publish less glowing owners comments:

This came from an unsatisfied owner, but we thought most people would have been delighted!

property owner I had a quick count and there were a maximum of 99 enquiries that came through from you between 22 September 05 and 10 January 06, which I was very disappointed about ...(06/01/2007)

property owner  Unfortunately am unable to renew my advertising with which cottage due to the cost. Minimum income results in reduced expenditure and as I have other running costs to pay advertising expenditure must be reduced.
Thank you for your service over the past year. ...(05/06/2008)

property owner  - this week we have given this matter a lot of thought and we have come to the conclusion that we no longer wish to continue advertising Flora's House with your company. Therefore please remove the House from your web site - at your earliest convenience.

We would like to thank you for all your help in generating a good client base for our property over the years. You offer an excellent service and we have always been impressed with your web site.

Thank you again for all your help over the years....(17/05/2010)

From clients looking to book a self-catering holiday cottage:

We recieve many emails thanking us for our help and complimenting us on the design and speed of the site

property owner  We very much look forward to our first holiday booked using, I have tralled through a great many websites in order to find our holiday in the West of Scotland and I must say I have found this one the most simple/ user friendly and concise. I will be using it again and recommending it to my friends.(09/08/2008)

property owner  Delighted with the Which Cottage web site! Some beautiful properties - I like the artistic way it has been put together - I may use it in the future for my properties! (06/08/2008)

property owner  I want the world to know that 'real peope' run 'Which Cottage' - I had assistance in tracking a cottage owner who was having an email problem and an amazingly helpful communication with several members of staff - thank you - a joy to use your company. (21/07/2008)

property owner  Making contact directly with the owners is superb - the quality and speed of their response helped us to further decide on 'the right property' for us to rent. - firmly bookmarked in my favourites - a quality resource, thank you. (26/05/2008

property owner  We must compliment you on your site for being simple to use, uncomplicated and informative - a significant `cut` above others we have encountered! (26/02/2008)

property owner  I booked a cottage with 'whichcottage' which was so easy to use and had a very good selection of properties on it - I just wondered, can we advertise our Bed and breakfast in Edinburgh with you? (26/09/2007)

property owner  Thanks I found your website informative and efficient - I have booked a cottage for our holiday and will return next year. Very good, thank you. (02/09/2007)

property owner  Dear Anne & Veronica, in the last 6-7 years that I try to book via internet, there was not one site so customer friendly and so fast. THANKS (17/07/2007)

property owner  Thanks, I have had a reply already and booked our holiday - would you consider advertising my chalet in the Alps?