December 2017


>>>> Complete our side! - Please make your updates asap <<<<

More calendar enhancements along with various terrific technical innovations are going live on Sunday 16 December 2017. Slight delay on original published time.

We will synchronise our availability calendars both ways - and ongoing with your own website, (do use our free calendar to display on your own site) and many other third party accommodation booking sources including Anytime Booking, Bookalet, Freetobook, Google calendars, Home and Away, Airbnb, Owners Direct, Super Control,, Trip Advisor.

You therefore only need add links from other booking sources once - and they will automatically update ongoing and this will ensure that you are always up-to-date, in control and can avoid double bookings.

Please update the which Cottage link that you have with third party booking sites - this only needs to be done once, and can be found in your login. If you hold Which Cottage iCal on your own website - please also change the link to the new one published in your login - the old link will work in tandem while everyone changes over.

Multiple calendars and shared calendars (in the case of two cottages together) will also be published, making it easier to book either one of your properties or them both together!

Please be sure that your prices are up to date and Do NOT forget the ’Special Offers’ section which allows you to list last minute cancellations and highlight special discounted rates. Booking patterns show that people do love an offer :-) and these will be pushed via social media.

If you need help with any of the above - please contact us.

Kind regards

IMPORTANT - reminders!

Help your entry attract more bookings by:
1) Refresh your testimonials via your login - this will enhance your entry and encourage bookings
2)Keep your calendars up to date to increase conversion.
2) Make sure your prices are up to date
3) Refresh photographs on your entry
4) Follow us on Facebook and Twitter - interact and share posts.

Keep your property well maintained and your investment enhanced.

The Shed Company

offer services throughout Scotland to maintain properties:

The outside:
Doors, windows, lighting
Gutter and down pipe clearance
Driveway / gravel maintenance
Pressure wash patios
Pressure wash garden furniture
De-clutter the garden
Re-stock the wood shed
Garden maintenance
Winter element deterioration
Trees, hedges or bushes clearing and cutting
Key safe
log store / log shed
Solar panels & electrical installations
security features
Car port, lean-to utility room, sitouterie - to accommodate outdoor dining year round

The inside:
Paintwork - walls and woodwork
Doors, windows, lighting
Kitchen worktops
Bathroom grouting and sealing
Deep clean carpets and curtains
Deep clean kitchen
Gas appliance checks
Key safe
Pipes lagged
Fire safety check
Carbon monoxide detectors
PAT (Portable Appliance Test) electrical appliances
Open fire or wood burning stove maintenance

*****HAPPY 2017 ! *****

******Merry Christmas!******

23 December 2016

Happy Christmas and best Wishes for 2017

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support - we know how important every booking is to you and are committed to constantly improving our service to you, through technological enhancements and through the very personal service that we offer to cottage owners and to your guests. We received a record number of ’thank-you messages’ for helping guests get cottages booked in 2016 - this personal human service is not offered by many holiday letting websites.

Help your entry attract more bookings by:
1) Refresh your testimonials via your login - this will enhance your entry a great deal
2) Make sure your prices are up to date for 2017
3) Email fresh photographs to us so we can add them to your entry
4) Follow us on Facebook and Twitter - interact and share posts.

With Best wishes

Anne and Veronica


Availability search
Keeping your calendars up to date has never been more important.




Availability calendars have now been updated to iCal format. This has been be a seamless integration and your dates have been transferred between systems. You can still see your historic bookings going back to the beginning of 2015 from your login.

To update your properties availability - please login and go to update availability calendar (as before). You will see a year view calendar;
Dark grey is historic bookings for your reference
Red is booked dates
White is available dates
To update availability you need to click the white dates (to make them red) and then click the update button which is under the calendar, this will make them appear on the public side.
If you have a cancellation, click the red date to make it white - and then click the update button.

You can import / export your whichcottage availability calendar to other sites such as Trip advisor, holidaylettings, owners direct etc.. if you wish. . Simply login - go to calendar update page and scroll down.

Many people hold their calendars in iframes on their own website - which we recommend as it means only one update for you. We have provided new code in your login for you to copy and paste into your website.
Please make sure that you update this code as the old code will no longer work.

The new code is available for you to copy and paste in your login. Simply login - go to calendar update page and scroll down. Simply replace the new iframe for the old on your own web site.

The IP address of this site has changed - please save an enquiry to contacts at the highest level of access you have to your emails - i.e through your webmail login if you have one. This will ensure that enquiries do not get filtered to your junk.

Always periodically check your login here - to make sure that all enquiries have reached you - we know how valuable they are!

If you have multiple cottages, please log out after updating the first cottage, and close all browsers. Then open a new browser window before updating the next - and so on.